Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Assistant Professor

I am a dedicated researcher committed to advancing the field of parasitology and improving animal welfare. My research carries profound significance for both academia and industry. By providing evidence-based solutions to challenges in animal health and welfare, I strive to contribute to a sustainable future. As I continue my academic journey at the University of Copenhagen, I am excited to engage in impactful research, inspire students, and collaborate with fellow researchers to drive positive change in animal science.

Primary fields of research

My main fields of research are

  • Discover novel anthelmintic compounds from natural plant sources
  • Investigate biomarkers for host resilience/ resistance of pathogens
  • Exploring biochemical and molecular aspects of host-parasite interactions
  • Develop novel means to control intestinal parasites by understanding resistance mechanisms and developing potential resistance-reversing strategies
  • Develop area-wide insect control strategies for sustainable control of livestock pests

ID: 362049993