Alexander Pil Henriksen

Alexander Pil Henriksen

PhD fellow

🧬 My work is centered in drug-gene interactions and the clinical manifestations of these. I work with large-scale registry data and try to link genetically-determined drug-metabolizer status (e.g "poor metabolizer of ibuprofen") to differences in clinical outcomes. 

🌳 Additionally, I work on reducing the material- and carbon footprint of scientific research. This means developing software tools for monitoring use of computational resources and trying different methods for making bioinformatic computations more efficient and less resource-intensive.

🔬 I am originally trained in biotechnology with a focus on bioengineering of microbes and microbial communities. However, after being introduced to the exciting opputunities of large-scale bioinformatics  I decided to leave the bacterial cultures behind and try my luck in the  magical world of computational genetics.

ID: 257450312