Xiaomin Zhou

Xiaomin Zhou


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Ph.D student of Preventive and Clinical Nutrition in the University of Copenhagen and adept at discovering biomarkers of heat-treated food components explored by metabolomics. Experienced in working with analytical chemistry, data pre-processing (MZmine), data analysis (ANOVA, PCA, ASCA, PLSDA etc.), MS data interpretation (fragments obtained by Qtof and Orbitrap), and food chemistry (Maillard reaction products).

Three years working experience after Master of Food Engineering & Science & in Jiangnan University, as R&D engineer and manager in the fields of food science and process engineering. Lead and participated in several R&D projects for food products development, accumulated extensive experience of processing design and optimization, scale-up, products analysis in lab and pilot scales.

Good at Planning, Organizing and Executing. Can balance multiple priorities under high pressure and have a structured approach to problem solving.

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