Henrik Ø. Breitenbauch

Henrik Ø. Breitenbauch

Head of centre, senior researcher

Primary fields of research

Researcher and policy analyst with a track record of international and domestic agenda setting in defence and security, strategy processes, national security and defence planning as well as strategic foresight and futures studies. Extensive experience with political and strategic analysis, policy development, policy formulation and quality control in a timely manner. Wide exposure to electronic and print media as expert commentator.


Strategy is my primary research focus. From a political science perspective strategy is seen as a particular field of practice evolving around knowledge about the conditions for and characteristics of the use of armed force, including how political decisions are and ought to be taken, optimised and evaluated. I have a special interest in how policy is developed (from concrete initiatives to general ambitions and motives) by central actors, such as the US, the UN and European actors; the security dimension of the North-South relationship in international politics; and the strategic and security challenges facing Denmark, NATO, and the EU.


My secondary research focus is the discipline of International Relations (IR) from a sociology-of-science perspective with both comparative and historical dimensions.  What particularly interests me here is the French and the transnational-American IR disciplines and their history and formal, content related and institutional development; the emergence and development of the social sciences from other knowledge domains and non-scientific discourses; and finally form related aspects of social scientific practice as an analytical approach to the sociology of science. Common to the two foci is state-building as historical and contemporary process in terms of both institutions and thought forms.


- Danish defence policy in an international context
- The convergence of security and development
- Complex operations in current conflicts
- Strategy and processes of strategy, including national security strategies
- The theoretical, conceptual and institutional history of strategy

Current research

Thanks to generous support from the Gerda Henkel Stiftung and the Carlsberg Foundation, my current larger research project concerns national security strategies and security strategies on which I prepare a monograph as well as an anthology.

A grant from the Danish Research Council’s International Network Programme supports my research network programme on Brazil’s emerging approach to stabilisation.

In April 2015, a Danish language monograph on the evolving Danish and international agenda on stabilisation in global conflicts was published ("Uendelig krig? Danmark, samtænkning og stabilisering af globale konflikter, editor Dansk Jurist og Økonomforbunds Forlag).

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