Tina Kramer

Tina Kramer


Current research

PhD. Project: Focus on clinical educator's competence profile - field research in interprofessional and cross-secorial approaches for health education

The healthcare system is challenged by differentiation between professionals, entities and sectors, at the same time the coherence of patient/ citizen’s pathway is a key requirement. The challenges for the health care system are expressed when professionals point out inadequacy in the collaboration and the patients expresses their insecurity, whether they get the right treatment.

In the ethnographic studies, an ongoing development program for health education is being followed, which aims to meet the current challenges of the healthcare system.

The research objective is to investigate the clinical educator's practical competence profile in relation to organizational requirements for the development of interprofessional and cross-sectorial cooperation skills. The perspective is to contribute empirical profession- and practical analyzes, as well as contribute with new knowledge of competence and organizational development in relation to coherent patient-/ citizen-pathways.

Supervisor: Karen Borgnakke, Professor, Department of Education.

Project period: March 2015-August 2018. 

Associated with the research group: Etnographic studies innnovative learning contexts. 

ID: 151917734