Maansi Parpiani

Maansi Parpiani


I am a researcher of South Asian history and anthropology, with an interest in urban labour, ecology and migration. 

My PhD dissertation written at UCPH's Faculty of Humanities (2014-2019) narrated a people's history of India's era of 'jobless growth'. Using archival and ethnographic methodologies, I examined how different groups of workers have sought to gain and retain employment in India post economic liberalisation in 1990s. 

After my PhD (2019-2022), I worked as Lead Researcher with a migrant workers' trade union based in India. I wrote on factory fires and occupational safety among small manufacturing workshops and construction workers in urban India. My work also included coordination and documentation of the organisation's humanitarian relief during the pandemic. 

Since June 2022, I am post-doc at School of Global Health on a project examining the impact on livelihoods of urban floods in India.

I have taught courses and classes on Politics in South Asia, Globalisation and Development in South Asia, Qualitative Research Methods, Urban Anthropology and Migration Studies.

ID: 125315216