Olga Kokoulina

Olga Kokoulina

Assistant Professor

  • JUR- CEPRI - Centre for Private Governance

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Dr Olga Kokoulina is an assistant professor at the Centre for Private Governance (CEPRI). Her primary research interests lie at the intersection of Law and Technology. Olga is currently involved in an interdisciplinary research project addressing the challenges of digital compliance (DICE). The project focuses on computational laws, legal compliance, design simplicity, and societal impacts, combining AI, Human-Computer Interaction insights, and legal expertise to make compliance accessible and adaptable to changes in law and technology.

Olga holds a PhD degree in Law from the University of Copenhagen, Master of Science degrees from Oxford, and a Master of Laws degree from Lund University. Her PhD thesis focused on the issue of patents and standards in the EU and approached the topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Incorporating the insights of Law and Technology and Law and Economics, the thesis offered a view on the possible rationale and limits of exclusivity embedded in patent rights reading on technical standards. The findings of her research were presented in various venues, including at the International Standardisation Conference held by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, USA) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Workshop held at the House of Commons (UK).

Her postdoctoral research, supported by the Carlsberg Foundation, addressesed the topic of algorithmic decision-making. Her study critically examined the dual nature of algorithms, which, while streamlining processes and reducing human intervention, simultaneously heighten unpredictability and obscure operational transparency. The research project explored the delicate balance between the interests of intellectual property holders and the need for legal remedies in cases of potential discrimination, encompassing fields such as IP, data protection, human rights, and competition law to propose balanced solutions.


2014 (Spring term) EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy in Global Context

2014 (Fall term) Law, Science and Technology in the Digital Society

2019 (Spring and Fall terms) European Data Protection Law

2020 (Spring term) European Data Protection Law

2021 (Spring term) European Data Protection Law

Current research

Digital Compliance

Law and Technology

Intellectual Property Rights and Algorithmic Decision-Making

Trade Secrets and Algorithms

Data Protection and Algorithms

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