Carl Gustav Johannsen

Carl Gustav Johannsen

Associate professor emeritus

Primary fields of research

"Staff-less libraries" - book (Elsevier)(in print 2016)
"Library User Metaphors and Services: How librarians look at their users" - Book (De Gruyter)(2015)
Evidence-based Library Development and evidence-based practice for information professionals - in Danish (book) (2013)(editor & contributor)
Hístory of Danish Company Libraries and information Services 1945-2007 - in Danish- book (2009)
My current research activities focus evidence-based library development, library marketing, user studies and evaluation of learning in libraries.


My primary professional interests are:

  • evidence-based library development
  • history of Danish special libraries
  • quality management
  • innovation & change management
  • library leadership & management
  • cultural heritage management 
  • research methodology

I am also internationally oriented, e.g. by delivering courses on modern library management for library managers and library school teachers in a number of former Eastern European countries (Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland) and South Africa. My experience as external lecturer at the Aarhus Business School, made me familiar with delivering courses aimed at other target groups than librarians and library students, e.g., business school students.

Innovation and development in libraries
evidence-based library development
research methodology

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