Dereck Edward Winston Chatterton

Dereck Edward Winston Chatterton

Associate Professor

Responsible for graduate and post-graduate teaching of students in wide topics related to the effects of Milk Processing, such as pasteurization and thermal processes, such as spray-drying on milk proteins and peptides and their functions with a focus on bioactive ingredients. Research focus on the effects of digestion of processed milk protein and peptide ingredients, including minor bioactive factors for infant nutrition and has used models to study this (Rhesus monkey, cell culture and more recently piglet studies). Also the interaction and modulatory effects of milk proteins with each other is a research topic, such as in aggregation reactions and the effects of heat-treatments on the bioactivity of milk proteins. Extensive utilization of purification and protein chemistry techniques, including mass spectrometry, proteomics and glycobiology.

Primary fields of research

  • Bioactivity of milk proteins and peptides especially related to infant nutrition.

Present projects include:

  • Infant-I: Tailored processing of bioactive ingredients for high-end infant formula (The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (GUDP)) 
  • UHT treatment and storage effects on the biological quality of liquid infant formulas (Danish Dairy Research Foundation) 
  • NEOCOL: Colostrum for newborn infants (Innovation Fund Denmark)
  • HAPFAM: Healthy and affordable protein rich foods for African markets (The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation)
  • STRUCSAT: How food structure affects satiety (The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation)
  • Mild heat treated bovine whey protein concentrate as a supplement for infant formula and donor human milk (Danish Dairy Research Foundation)
  • NEOMUNE: Early milk and microbiota to improbve later immunity (The Danish Council for Strategic Research)
  • Bioactive milk proteins against gastrointestinal inflammation - characterization of effects in the intestine (Danish Dairy Research Foundation).
  • New Generation of Milk Protein Products to Protect Human Intestinal Cells - Use of Proteomics for Studying the Effects of a New Generation of Milk Protein Products on Human Intestinal Cell Transcription (Chinese Industrial Ph.D., Arla Foods Global Ingredients).


  • Diverse teaching at Arla Foods Ingredients, internally and abroad over 15 years. Course responsible and teacher; Analytical Techniques in Glycobiology. Applications to Biopharmaceutical Production, March 2008
  • Launch of GlycoScience Ireland, Trinity College, Dublin, April 2008


  • Responsible & teacher, Dairy Internship, BSc Food Science, University of Copenhagen,
  • Teacher on the BSc course 'Quality of Raw Food Materials' (7.5 ECTS)
  • Teacher on the MSc course 'Introduction to Dairy Technology' (7.5 ECTS)
  • Teacher on the MSc E-learning course 'Introduction to Dairy Technology' (7.5 ECTS)
  • Responsible & teacher on the MSc course 'Milk Processing' (7.5 ECTS)
  • Censor on the MSc course 'Dairy Product Technology' (7.5 ECTS)
  • Teacher on Ph.D. course in Food Proteins and Enzymes
  • Teacher on Ph.D. course in Food Chemistry (Production of Food Proteins)

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