Rikke Langebæk

Rikke Langebæk

Associate Professor

Member of:

    Rikke Langebæk recieved her degree as Doctor of Veterinry Medicine (DVM) in 1986. Since 1995 she has worked at The Department of veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences, since 2013 as an Assistant professor. In 2011 Rikke Langebæk was awarded the PhD degree for her work within veterinary Pedagogy, with a special focus on students' emotions in veterinary surgical training. In relation to the PhD project, Rikke Langebæk developed a number of toy animal models for use in small animal surgical training. Since 2012, the models have been part of the veterinary curriculum.

    Furthermore, Rikke Langebæk is the project manager of international veterinary health projects in Greenland (QimmeqHealth - the health of the Greenlandic sled dog) and Kenya respectively (Mara North Conservancy Dog project - a nature conservation project). Veterinary students are an integral part of these projects. 

    Rikke Langebæk's main areas of interest are:

    • Surgical training
    • Development of models/simulators for skills training
    • Emotions and creativity in the veterinary learning environment
    • Innovative teaching methods
    • Development of veterinary health projects in foreign cultures

    ID: 9755601