Helene Ilkjær
Helene Ilkjær

By the use of qualitative ethnographic methods this industrial postdoc project examines user perspectives on new technologies designed by the Danish innovation company Exruptive to improve passenger flows and encourage positive experiences in airports.

Focus areas:

  • airport life
  • aviation industry innovation
  • the interactions and relations between people and technologies
  • user-oriented design and product testing processes
  • expansion and experimentation with anthropological approaches into new areas of collaborative research, e.g. with industry partners and through the complementary use of qualitative and quantitative methods in projects that include big data sources

Current research

Project title: Anthropological studies of disruptive technology deployment in Airports

Primary fields of research

Regional specialization:

Dubai, India, Denmark

Thematic specialization: 

Airports, technology, man-machine interaction, user-driven innovation processes.

Migration, the global flow of highly skilled professionals, mobility strategies among highly skilled professionals, return migration, diaspora, transnationalism, diasporic community building and negotiation, transmission of tradition and religion in the diaspora, sikh studies.


I have taught the following courses:

Introduction to Migration (BA/MA level)

People on the Move - Case Studies in Current Migration Phenomena (BA/MA level)

Field methods (MA level)

ID: 20670932