Kristian Cedervall Lauta

Kristian Cedervall Lauta

Professor, Prorector for Education

Member of:

Primary fields of research

Kristian Cedervall Lauta is Prorector for Education and Professor of disaster and climate law. His research regards disasters, cliamte and risk, and both how these phenomena are regulated, and how they, in turn, affect law. 
Kristian works with:
  •      Disasters / Extreme events
  •      Disaster Law
  •      Cllimate Law
  •      Risk Regulation
  •      State of Exception / state of emergency
  •      Human Rights
In his latest book (in Danish only), Katastrofer - og hvad de kan lære os om os selv, Kristian provides unique insight into disasters, and how we as individuals and societies react. 
The seminal piece, Disaster Law, investigates how a change in the way disasters are understood and managed affects fundamental notions of duty, responsibility and justice. Kristian's present research continues these efforts, by investigating a wide range of issues relating to law and disasters. 


Kristian does not teach as prorector, but have previously taught the following subjects:

  •     Existential Risks and the Law
  •     Human rights law
  •     Constitutional law
  •     International Public Law
  •     Disaster Law and Policy 

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