Jesper Vaczy Kragh

Jesper Vaczy Kragh

Visiting researcher

After I completed my master thesis on the history of Danish spiritualism and psychical research, I taught humanities at the University of Roskilde. I then enrolled as a PhD student at Medicial Museion, University of Copenhagen in 2002. My PhD thesis dealt with the history of psychosurgery in Denmark. A revised version of the thesis was published by the University Press of Southern Zealand (2010). After finishing my PhD, I have been working on various research projects on the history of psychopharmacology, Danish psychiatry, drug abuse in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, history of vulnerable groups, foresic psychiatry Nordic psychology and cultural debates in the 1920s. Recent publications: the monograph Lobotomy Nation (2021) and Social Class and Mental Illness in Northern Europe (2020).

Recent books on intellectual disablity: Erfaret magt (with Stine Grønbæk Jensen 2020) and IQ 75 (2022)


Positions: Associate Professor, Medical Museion, 2010-2012, PI, Svendborg Museum 2013-2015, PI, Middelfart Museum, 2015-2016. From 2016 researcher at CoRe, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen

ID: 543818