"The risks of anticipatory governance in the context of climate change mobility and the thirst for more data"

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Miriam Cullen - Speaker

Lily Lindegaard - Other

The intersection of data and technology has received growing attention in the migration space generally, but it has specific application in terms of climate and disaster related displacement. This is because the collection, use and sharing of data is being encouraged for predictive and planning purposes for climate related events. The 2018 Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) and, separately, the Global Compact for Refugees, each emphasise the need for policy responses informed by data. In fact, to “collect and disaggregated data as a basis for evidence-based policies” is the very first objective of the GCM. Privacy concerns and the protection of personal data are also mentioned, but little is said about how these protections will be upheld, nor is privacy protection expressly mentioned in the specific section of the GCM addressing disasters and the adverse effects of climate change. Indeed, the first paragraph of that section emphasizes information sharing. Yet, technology is increasingly harnessed to gather data both in the event of a climate related disaster, and to forecast future impacts, including potential patterns of mobility and displacement.

Organizations tasked with the management of migration have taken it upon themselves to ensure the protection of personal information, however these tend to be internal policies rather than binding rules. This paper highlights the long-term risks that may be associated with an unbridled approach to data collection for anticipatory governance of disasters in the context of individual rights and the “uncertain futures” of migrants and refugees.
22 Sep 2019

Event (Conference)

TitleNorth European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies 2021: Imagining Futures: Interstices and the Immateriality of Disasters.

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