Resonans - inspiration for a new dialogical practice

Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution

Reinhard Stelter - Speaker

The lecture will present an alternative to the traditional understanding of coaching.

Coaching is described here as transformative dialogue, as a resonant relationship that is based on moments of symmetry and a deep humanity, which ultimately provides the opportunity for new recognition for all parties in the conversation, regardless of whether it is a conversation between parties or in groups/ team. Transformative dialogues go in depth, focusing on meaning, value reflection and ethical anchoring.
The lecture is inspired by Hartmut Rosa's concept of resonance, which is transferred to the dialogue context. Freely reproduced, Rosa says: The entities of the relationship touch each other in a medium suitable for oscillation or a resonant space, where parties can relate to each other and where they, at the same time, can speak with their own voice by re-flecting.
Resonance in the dialogue context is a intense way of being-in-the-world, where people can meet themselves and the other with great intensity and presence. A reference can be made to Stelter's articles in the Danish books "Ledelse i sociale processer" og "Resonans i organisationer".
4 Oct 2023


NameSport, Individual & Society
Date06/08/2012 → …
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