Martin Rudbeck Jepsen

Martin Rudbeck Jepsen

Associate Professor

I am an associate professor in Human Geography and Geoinformatics in the Geography Section at the University of Copenhagen. I work in an interdisciplinary setting, combining methods from social sciences with geoinformatics and quantitative analysis. My main research interests cover human-environment systems and in particular land system dynamics.

I teach a range of courses related to geoinformatics both at Geography and at the international master program in Global Development, most of them focusing on spatial autocorrelation, spatial statistics and classification systems.

In the period 2005-2008 I was away from academic Geography, working has a data analyst and building dynamic models of infectious diseases and real-time map interfaces to  disease databases.

Primary fields of research

Land use change, farming systems, natural resource management, agent-based modeling.

Current research

Visions of land use change in Europe (VOLANTE

This EU FP7 funded project looks into drivers of land system change in Europe at long- and recent time scales, and with case studies ranging from the individual farm to the whole EU-28.

Impacts of climate change and adapting bio-security measures for Northern Vietnam's aquaculture (ICA)

Danida-funded project. With phd fellow Hanh Le Minh I am studying the vulnerability of (smallholder) aquaculture to climate change. Specifically, we focus on the exposure to extreme weather events and the adaptive capacity and mitigation measures undertaken by farmers.


Introduction to Human Geography, Spatial Pattern Analysis, Point-Based GIS analysis, Classification of Spatial Data, Natural Resource Management, Advanced Research Methods

ID: 34435425