Klas Ola Blixt

Klas Ola Blixt


Current research

Our research focus on chemical and enzymatic post-translational modifications (PTMs) of proteins, peptides and lipids as well as related monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Our expertise spans over several disciplines ranging from organic synthesis of carbohydrates, peptides and lipids, molecular and cell biology, monoclonal antibodies, phage display and analytical microarray and bead technologies. We have a broad collaborative portfolio with experts in areas of virology, oncology, infectious diseases, structural biology, analytical biochemistry, carbohydrate synthesis, nano-technology and mass-spectrometry.


The overall theme in all activities is related to PTM of proteins, in particular glycosylation and glycation. In disease, many of these modification are aberrant and may provoke various immune responses. By developing high-throughput synthesis and screening approaches we aim to discover and explore many of these modifications by identification of immune reactive (auto)antibodies, development of new diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies, vaccines and biomarker tools. Our group is also exploring pathogen (virus and bacteria) interactions using glycan and glycopeptide microarrays, bead technologies and glycolipid containing giant unilamellar vehicles (GUVs). Such information are further developed into new high affinity analogs, selective drug delivery and new imaging tools.

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