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Helle Bundgaard

Helle Bundgaard

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

My most recent interest is experimenting with writing ethnography in the form of creative nonfiction. I am currently writing a collection of short stories based on my work with craft producers in Orissa, India over a period of almost 30 years. I continue my research and teaching activities related to ethnographic fieldwork. This interest springs from my engagement with educational matters stimulated by my year long experience as Head of Studies at the Department of Anthropology. Educational matters, however, is a theme which cut across my previous fields of interest. One of these is institutional upbringing. The other is related to perceptions of quality and skill in craft making in India.

Affiliation to research groups: The Anthropology of Denmark


Creative nonfiction; Ethnographic writing; Interdisciplinary Field Research; Qualititive methods; The anthropology of education; Higher education; Childhood matters.

ID: 8523