The transformativity approach: Taking the next disaster out of disaster research

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During the last five to ten years, a considerable body of research has begun to explore how disasters, real and imagined, trigger social transformations. Even if the contributions to this this research stems from a multitude of academic disciplines, we argue in the article, they constitute an identifiable and promising approach for future disaster research. We suggest naming it the transformativity approach. Whereas the vulnerability approach explores the social causation of disasters, the transformativity approach reverses the direction of the gaze and investigates the social transformation brought about by disasters. Put simply, the concept of vulnerability is about the upstream causes of disaster and the concept of transformativity about the downstream effects. By discussing three recent contributions (by the historian Greg Bankoff, the legal sociologist Michelle Dauber, and the anthropologist Edward Simpson), we hope to inspire fellow researchers to pursue this emerging approach to disasters.
Original languageDanish
JournalDisasters. The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management
Publication statusSubmitted - 7 Jun 2017

ID: 179088898