Mediatized diaspora contesting boundaries: Mediatized political action formation among Syrians in Scandinavia

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This paper investigates the structures of political action formation among Syrian communities in the Öresund region of Denmark and Sweden with focus on everyday media use. The ongoing civil war has resulted in a diverse political landscape with diaspora communities as mediator between Syria and the international community. Media was used to mobilize and ease coordination of demonstrations but their role has shifted, and this paper explores how the vast amount of graphic material demobilizes the Syrians abroad. The paper is based on 20 semi-structured interviews with Syrians in the two countries, and the exploration of the Syrian mediatized diasporas and their use of media makes it possible to describe the mediation of war shaping both understandings of the war and the sense of belonging within social spaces highly characterized by transnational exchange of information via media.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date14 Jan 2019
Publication statusSubmitted - 14 Jan 2019

ID: 212499551