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wjp608 wjp608

Part-time lecturer

Current research

Legal regulation of non-traditional families and relationships

The legal regulration of families and relationships has traditionally been based upon a narrow nuclear family model excluding relationships outside heterosexual marriage. This has gradually been modified by the recognition of children born outside marriage, the increasing acceptance of 'de facto marriage' and the recognition of same-sex partners. Nevertheless, it has been argued in litterature, that law in spite of these trends still reflect a nuclear family model with build in gender stereotypical assumptions. Individuals who form relationships outside this stretched version of the nuclear family thus risk exclusion and discrimination. Against this backdrop, I examine how law handles non-traditionale families and relationships such as blended families, surrogacy, single parenting, multiple parents and transgender parents. First, I analyze the legal regulation of non-traditional parent-child relationships, and then I asses the regulation in light of the principle of discrimination.

Teaching and supervison

Children’s rights

Non-discrimination Law

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