Thomas Skov

Thomas Skov

Associate Professor

I aim for making intelligent and usable advanced research solutions within my working areas and to make these available also to layman and non-experts. With this I hope to increase the knowledge of people in industry and academia so that better research and products can be achieved. 

Primary fields of research

I conduct research of and I develop data handling methods for hyphenated chromatographic systems (mainly based on GC, LC and mass spectrometry). Besides this I work with metabolomics data and how such data can be obtained in the right way for proper biological interpretation.

Recently, I have become in charge of the KU projects within BIOPRO – a regional platform with industrial partners located primarily in Kalundborg (e.g. Novo, Novozymes and DONG) – where we aim for developing and testing groundbreaking biotechnological solutions which can be directly implemented (and tested) in full-scale production. More about BIOPRO can be found here:

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