Steffen Lund Jørgensen

Steffen Lund Jørgensen

Part-time lecturer

  • Studienævnet for Saxo-Instituttet

    Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 København S

I currently conduct research on ancient theories of linguistic communication. I focus on Plato and Aristotle from the Classical period and on Stoic and Epicurean philosophy from the Hellenistic period, though I also look at some philosophers from the time before Plato, e.g. Gorgias, and some philosophers from Late Antiquity, e.g. Sextus Empiricus. I examine the ways in which these philosophers analyse and explain linguistic communication. Among other things, I try to find out what they think about the following questions: What are the conditions for linguistic communication? What separates linguistic communication from other forms of communication? And what is the relation between the ability to communicate by means of language and other abilities like the ability to think or the ability to be part of a community.

Primary fields of research

Ancient philosophy, ancient theory of language

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