Sofie Lindgren Christiansen

Sofie Lindgren Christiansen


Primary fields of research

Investigation of sudden unexpected death:

Determining if the cause of sudden unexpected death in the young in Denmark could be due to an underlying heart disease. Using next-generation sequencing of the DNA from the deceased, we can analyse the genes known or suspected to cause heart diseases and sudden death.

The ultimate goal is to use the genetic screening as a standard tool in the forensic investigation to increase the diagnostic rate of the sudden unexpected deaths in the young in Denmark.

Determination of paternity during pregnancy:

During pregnancy, DNA from the fetus will pass from the womb to the maternal bloodstream. In this project, it is examined if it is possible to determine the fetal DNA profile from a blood sample from the pregnant woman early in pregnancy and thereby identify who the father of the child is before it is born. This will be investigated by isolating plasma from the pregnant woman and using next-generation sequencing to investigate the paternal fragtion of the fetal DNA that is in the maternal plasma.

The goal is to determine the paternity early in pregnancy in forensic crime cases.

Current research

  • Examination of heart genes i sudden unexpected death in the young under 50 years of age, where the cause of death is either undetermined or where a heart disease is determined after autopsy
  • Examination of plasma from pregnant women to determine paternity during pregnancy

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