Sofie Isager Ahl

Sofie Isager Ahl

PhD fellow


My PhD project, with the working title Cultivating Ecological Sensibility in Aurland, investigates the cultivation of plants and ecological sensibility in the area around Aurland and Norway’s school for organic agriculture. The project takes the human-plant relationship as focal point for understanding how human agency and botanical life are entwined in the cultivation of organic produce.

The project is part of the research group Enchanted Ecologies in Scandinavia that has the overall aim of understanding how enchanted experiences in nature potentially has political and ethical implications across Scandinavia.



2018. Naboplanter. Laboratoriet for Æstetik og Økologi, 75s

2016. Sjæleblindhed af Eduardo Kohn (translated from English). Forlaget Virkelig

2015. Naturens disciple. Ny Jord: Tidsskrift for naturkritik nr 1

ID: 152672726