Signe Blaabjerg Christoffersen

Signe Blaabjerg Christoffersen

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    I currently work on my PhD project entitled: Searching for Democratic Accountability in International Practices.


    Climate changes, regulation of nuclear technology and of the Internet are only some of the challenges the world community anno 2013 faces. These global challenges often demand global solutions. Nations, individuals, companies, organizations, and societies try to create new forms of cooperation in the hope of securing such solutions. Yet, this seems to raise new problems of accountability and not least democratic accountability.

    I strive to understand and refine the notion of democratic accountability internationally, so as to provide orientation for future international (democratic) action. This involves, firstly, an examination of the justifications for democracy and democratic accountability internationally. When can claims of democracy and democratic accountability be raised internationally? This leads to, secondly, a focus on the character of the actors involved in international or global political practices. Who or what can be considered to be democratic subjects and on which grounds? Finally, I consider possible (institutional) mechanisms for holding actors democratically accountable.

    I address these issues from a moderate realist political theoretical perspective. Thus, I let two empirical case-studies of technological regulation inform the normative ideals of democracy and democratic accountability. The cases are the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers respectively. This adds a final dimension to the project, namely a focus on the role of technology in shaping the notion of democratic accountable governance.



    Now teaching: Democracy and Democratic Accountability in International Practice (Politologisk udbud, KU) 

    Earlier teaching experience: General Political Science (2. semster, KU), General Political Science (2. semester, SDU), Political Theory (1. semester, SDU)

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