Rune Bolding Bennike

Rune Bolding Bennike

Assistant professor

Current research

My research deals with the political economy of marginality in the Himalayan borderland of India, China and Nepal. I explore the production and contemporary transformation of marginality through combined investigations into governmental history, national territorialism, local autonomy movements, land relations, post-disaster economies, tourism, and commodification of land and landscapes.

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Fall 2013 & 2014: Introduction to Modern India and South Asia I: History and Regional Formations (BA)

Fall 2013 & 2014: Government and Politics in South Asia (BA)

Spring 2014: Theory of Science (BA)

Spring 2013: BA supervision (13 projects)

Spring 2013: Ethnographic Approaches to 'State' and 'Nation' (MA seminar)

Fall 2011: Ethnographic Approaches to 'State' and 'Nation' (MA seminar)

Spring 2011: East meets West: How the Post-Colonial World Challenges Social Science (MA)


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