Rosanna Catherine Hennessy

Rosanna Catherine Hennessy

Assistant professor

Current research

I am a microbial biotechnologist based at the University of Copenhagen since 2014 where the focus of my research is understanding how microbes synthesize secondary metabolites and enzymes, and how we can utilize such products for sustainable applications in food, pharma and biotech.

My research profile covers pure to applied sciences and employs an interdisciplinary approach combining omics technologies (genomics and transcriptomics), bacterial genetics (targeted and random gene disruptions), biochemistry (enzyme purification and assay) and metabolomics (LC-MS and imaging mass spectrometry) to characterize new microbes, enzymes and secondary metabolites.


Research Areas

  • Microbial enzymes for food, pharma and biotech applications
  • Secondary metabolites from soil pseudomonads
  • Molecular bacterial-fungal interactions in agriculture


  • Innovation Fund Denmark Project “proPOTATO”: Potato proteins – Challenges and Industrial Possibilities” where KMC, Aarhus University, and Copenhagen University will together with AKV Langholt and DuPont Nutrition Biosciences run the proPOTATO project upgrading potato protein from starch production to sustainable food ingredients.
  • Villum Foundation Project “Microbial Communication‐A Key to the Development of Novel Sustainable Agri‐ and Aquaculture Practices Using Biological Control Bacteria”.

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