Rebecca Langhorn

Rebecca Langhorn

Associate Professor

  • Section for Internal Medicine, Oncology and Clinical Pathology

    Dyrlægevej 16, 1870 Frederiksberg C, 1-61

    Mobile: +45 30 45 00 66

Current position: Assistant professor in veterinary internal medicine and emergency & critical care

Titles: DVM, PhD

Areas of responsibility: Responsible for ICU and blood bank at the University Hospital for Companion Animals

Teaching: Clinical supervisor and lecturer in internal medicine, emergency & critical care, and clinical pathology

Academic interests: Clinical use of biomarkers, myocardial injury in critical disease, hematology/immunology, hemostasis, transfusion medicine

Research projects

  • PhD thesis: Cardiac Troponin I - a biomarker of myocardial injury. Detection, causes of release, and prognostic significance in dogs and cats

Primary fields of research

Myocardial injury in critical disease in companion animals (dogs and cats)


ID: 16798093