Peter Stubkjær Andersen

Peter Stubkjær Andersen

Associate Professor

Peter Stubkjær Andersen is MSc (2004) in forestry management and PhD (2013) from Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen.

Primary fields of research

Peter’s current work relates to landscape management and planning with special focus on landscape ecology, ecosystem services, landscape multifunctionality, and landscape planning processes.

Current research

Peter is involved in to major research programmes:

dNmark Research Alliance – addresses nitrogen related challenges from different perspectives. Peter is responsible for the research component 2 which focuses on landscape processes. As part of the research component workshops are hosted in six study areas in Denmark. Local stakeholders are invited to discuss future scenarios concerning nitrogen management at the landscape level. A GIS based model is developed which is used to simulate future scenarios for the landscape.

Landscape Futures – (Fremtidens Landskaber) – is focusing on dialogue-based planning processes. Peter is coordinating the project Future Landscapes NordBornholm. This project aims at creating a new landscape plan and innovative strategies for the future. The work is done in collaboration between the municipality of Bornholm, University of Copenhagen and invited local stakeholders.


Peter teaches the following course at the University of Copenhagen:

Landscape and Restoration Ecology (course responsible)

Naturressourcer: Forvaltning og Økonomi (in Danish)

Multifunktionelle landskaber – bæredygtige fremtider? (in Danish)

Landskabets arealforvaltere – samarbejde og konflikter (in Danish)

Planlægning og offentlig landskabsforvaltning – forandringer og udfordringer (in Danish)

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