Peter Ouma Okeyo

Peter Ouma Okeyo

PhD fellow

My research is based on how water interferes with the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's). This research aims to provide novel methods that can be used to gain a fundamental understanding of the solid-state phase transformations that occur during water loss and how this relates to the physical stability of the API.

This research is relevant for API and drug product investigations from early stages of research to the storage of the drug product.
The standard analytical techniques that are used include; DSC, TGA VTI, microscopy, XRPD, SCXRD and spectroscopic techniques (Raman, NIR, FTIR). This project is in collaboration with IDUN Center of excellence at DTU, Health Technology. December 2016- December 2019

Check out one of our methods published in Nature Scientific Reports

ID: 169980116