Pascal Hunziker

Pascal Hunziker

Research Assistant

My research at DynaMo Center is focusing on localization at the cell-specific level of biosynthetic enzymes and transport processes for glucosinolates – the model compounds in Arabidopsis. The gained knowledge is an important prerequisite for understanding at the cellular level the route from site of synthesis to site of storage. Since most key players participating in biosynthesis and transport are fully characterized to date, we can address questions about the orchestration of these dynamic processes during plant development and upon attack by microbes and herbivores. To this end, I am applying state-of-the-art bioimaging at the instrument park of the Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) with the intention to visualize:

-Cell specificity of glucosinolate biosynthesis.

-Protein-protein interactions within the core structure pathway of both indole and aliphatic glucosinolates.

-Protein-protein interactions during Met-based chain elongation of aliphatic glucosinolates.

-Dynamics of protein-protein interactions during development and in response to e.g. hormonal induction, substrate availability and herbivory.

-Transport pathways between sites of biosynthesis and storage.

ID: 142121638