Nina Rønsted

Nina Rønsted


Current research

Our research explores the evolution of plants and the correlation between phylogeny, biological interactions and natural products, to explain patterns and processes of diversity. A primary focus is the phylogenetic exploration of medicinal plants to offer new solutions for the appreciation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources and ultimately improve health.

As part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, we strive to produce innovative, visible and renowned research of high standard in an international, collaborative, vibrant and supportive environment. We emphasize the importance of being a team and always welcome enthusiastic students to get involved in our projects. We contribute to make research exciting for all. 

We always welcome enthusiastic BSc and MSc students to conduct their thesis on one of our research projects. Contact Nina Rønsted for ideas and opportunities or see our web.


See our home page: Rønsted lab

Coordinator of MedPlant ITN network 2013-2017:  

Node coordinator of PlantID ITN network 2018-2021:


Current team members

Nina Rønsted (PI)

Natalie Iwanycki Ahlstrand (Postdoc)

Sam Bruun-Lund (PhD student)

Chris Barnes (Postdoc)

Louise Isager Ahl (PhD student)

Nataly Allasi Canales (PlantID PhD student)

Stephen Garrett (PlantID PhD student)

Kia Kofoed (Office Assistant)

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