Nico Miskow Friborg

Nico Miskow Friborg

Part-time lecturer

Research areas

Gender, queer and trans studies, feminist anthropology.

Mechanisms of marginalization and Othering, gender identity, LGBTQIA+, citizenship and gender recognition, decolonization, political activism and mobilization, struggles for social change.


Current research Projects

  • Political and social struggles for recognition by the nonbinary genders ’muxe’ and ’ngiui’ in the region of Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Trans people’s access to gender and body affirming treatment in the Danish health care system, trans specific healthcare, queer and trans self-care.


Teaching and supervision

Department of Anthropology

  • Gender Matters – Perspectives on an Anthropology of Gender (BA/MA)
  • BA supervisor
  • Supervisor on Independent Study Courses.



  • Workshops, seminars and lectures on gender identity and sexual orientation, trans people’s wellbeing and challenges, trans activism, feminism, norm criticism, intersectionality.
  • Teacher at Krogerup Højskole teaching the course ’Verden Brænder’ on migration, globalization, social movements, global economy and politics, Othering, solidarity, social change as well as campaign work. Including a study trip to Mexico. Teaching the course ’Gender, norms and privileges’.


Other projects

  • Consultant at Det Antropologiske Foretagende
  • Rådgivning for transpersoner (Counseling for trans people)
  • External consultant and teacher at AIDS-Fondet

ID: 135855490