Mette Volquartzen

Mette Volquartzen


Current research

The classic distinction between the police responsible for security, safety, peace and order in public spaces and private security agents operating in the private sphere, no longer seems to apply. The law concerning private security was made in 1986 with the intend to put an end to the unofficial and unformal partnership that existed between the police and the private security firm ISS-Securitas, which dominated the market at the time. The law has not been changed since.

Today there is no partnership and officials from the police stretch, that they have no intention of neither sharing nor outsource any tasks to the private industry. The leader of the police officers’ union would rather use the military. Politicians also seem to be reluctant.

Yet the private security industries have grown and improved and countries like England and Sweden have outsourced many areas and tasks. Some private police officers in Sweden even carry fire arms. Furthermore the Danish police force is overworked and understaffed mostly due to the public fear of terrorism and the refugees crisis. Therefore the government is opening up to the possibility of a private police. But to what extend? And how?  

The project is funded by the University of Copenhagen and SikkerhedsBranchen (a private security organisation) 

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