Mette Juul Jacobsen

Mette Juul Jacobsen


Research project :

Global Analysis of Genetic and Epigenetic differences related to Obesity

Objective of the project:

The aim of this project is to investigate how epigenetic and genetic variation affects obesity in pigs. These differences will be unravelled by applying whole genome analyses, where both the methylation patterns and the genetic variation directly involved in the development of obesity are investigated using novel high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies.

Pigs constitute a unique resource for obesity research as their metabolic system and genome are very similar to humans. Also, the genetic background for phenotypic traits can more easily be dissected in pigs, since they are much less outbred than humans. A unique resource population, comprising a total of 600 pigs, is under development for the studies. The resource population is established by mating Göttingen minipigs and production pigs. Whereas the minipig is prone to develop obesity when fed ad libitum, the production breed stays lean under the same feeding regime, due to decades of effective selection for lean meat. Results obtained from these studies will be tested in human material with the aim of identifying diagnostic and therapeutic benefits.

Funded by:

The Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences, FTP

Fund total:

3,592,401 DKK

ID: 32360847