Mette Hjort

Mette Hjort

Current research

One ongoing project focuses on transnational talent development and capacity building. I am particularly interested in collaboration on a North/South basis, between practitioners in the Nordic region and in West Africa, East Africa, and the Middle East. This project builds on earlier work on small-nation filmmaking and seeks, among other things, to pinpoint the dynamics, benefits, and challenges of collaboration between small nations.


Primary Research Areas

My research focuses on moving images in relation to:


-       small nations

-       talent development

-       transnational collaboration

-       practitioner’s agency

-       rights-based cultural development policies

-       diversity debates (gender and ethnicity)

-       environmental aesthetics

-       health and well-being

-       the feel good genre and positive psychology

-       public values

-       soft power



Courses (2016-2017)

Media, Genres and Aesthetics: Issues in World Cinema

Film and Audiovisual Aesthetics



Supervision (Masters level)

Karen Kristianna Gram (children & youth initiatives in the Faroese film industry)

Cecilie Hornung Jensen (production design in contemporary Danish TV series)

Lærke Ina Krogaard Hansen (web documentaries)

Mette Olsen (cross media distribution strategies)

Mia Lange (rethinking the market for Danish cinemas)

Nadia Wardi (cross media, virtual reality and the experience economy, with a focus on Skam)

Nicklas Smedegaard Pedersen (Nordisk Film and Olsen Banden)

Raoul Suvi (award winning Danish documentaries and questions of value)


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