Maria Duclos Lindstrøm

Maria Duclos Lindstrøm


Research profile

Innovation and innovation management; international organisations; standardisation; the economics profession;knowledge and organization;institutional ethnography; sociological approaches to business- and organization theory; science and technology studies (STS).

Current research

Maria Duclos Lindstrøm is post doc on the project Global Challenges, Local Solutions? - Rethinking Professional Work in a World of Transnational JurisdictionsShe is responsible for the subproject on innovation. Here, she does research on Danish innovation projects focusing on understanding how actors develop, make claims to and employ knowledge of innovation management.

This subproject is a part of a collective research project which examines global-local relations across three different areas: Prevention of life style diseases, climate mitigation and innovation. The project studies the relations between local and regional projects and activities and the emergence and consolidation of global standards in various international fora and organisations.

The project is funded by the Danish Research Council, and conducted in collaboration with Anders Blok, Inge Kryger Pedersen and Marie Leth Meilvang.

International coordinator

Maria Duclos Lindstrøm is international coordinator. As such, she is responsible for managing the exchange programmes and mobility agreements at the department of Sociology.


ID: 11360200