Ludvig S C Petersen Wier

Ludvig S C Petersen Wier

    Member of:

    • Development Economics Research Group

    To see our newly published study on how multinational companies shift $600 billion to tax havens look here: 

    Direct phone number: +4560327229

    Research areas:

    Development economics, International taxation, Profit shifting within multinational enterprises 

    Current research question:

    • Is profit shifting and base erosion a particular problem in developing countries?
    • What is the global tax loss caused by multinational tax avoidance?
    • How to fix the current international tax system

    Working Papers:

    • ‘The Missing Profits of Nations’ NBER working paper 24701 (With Thomas Tørsløv and Gabriel Zucman) 
    • ‘Are less developed countries more exposed to multinational tax avoidance? Method and Evidence from Micro-Data.’  World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming (With Niels Johannesen & Thomas Tørlsøv)
    • ‘Big and ‘unprofitable’: How 10% of multinational firms do 98% of profit shifting’ Working paper 2018/111 . Helsinki: UNU-WIDER. (With Hayley Reynolds)
    • ‘Tax motivated transfer price manipulation in South Africa’  Working paper 2018/123 Helsinki: UNU-WIDER Video presentation


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    Lectures: "Advanced Development Economics: Micro Aspects" (Graduate course)

    Seminar: "Taxation & Development" (Graduate course)

    Tutorials: Principles of Economics A (microeconomics), Principles of Economics B (macroeconomics), Growth & Development and Micro C (game theory) 

    Dissemination and other qualifications:

    I co-authored and starred in the danish TV show "Økonomi for Dummies" (Economics for Dummies). Have since acted as a translator on difficult economic issues in TV and radio.

    I am the founder and chairman of Økonomer Uden Grænser (Economists Without Borders). An organization that offer free economic consultancy to charitable organisations and projects. The ongoing projects in Copenhagen currently employs 25 active volunteers associated with EWB. In addition, the organization house more than a thousand supportive members and is expanding to Oxford.

    Worked as a consultant for the IMF, the National Treasury of South Africa, UNU-WIDER and The Boston Consulting Group

    Prizes and Awards

    Won the Zeuthen award for the best master thesis in economics: “The Game of International Hide and Seek – Introducing a new approach to estimate profit shifting”

    Won the BCG prize for the second best bachelor project in economics: “Is the Green Box Yellow and WTO Colorblind? - an investigation of the production effects from a decoupled lump sum subsidy”

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