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Lorenz Rahmstorf

Lorenz Rahmstorf

Lorenz Rahmstorf is a prehistorian specialized in the Aegean Bronze Age. His research interests focus on the third and second millennia BC Aegean, Europe and West Asia and more specifically on weight metrology, early trade, textile production, transfer of innovations and urbanisation processes. He obtained the degrees of a MA (Bristol), PhD (Heidelberg) and Habilitation (Mainz) and participates in various international research projects. He gained excavation experience in a number of projects in Greece, Germany, France, Egypt and Israel. He has studied and worked extensively abroad, in England, Greece and Denmark and gained substantial teaching experience at several universities, at both undergraduate and graduate level. 


Lorenz Rahmstorf

Born in 1970 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Academic employment

2015-                   University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Associate Professor, ERC-Project “WEIGHTANDVALUE”


2013-2015          University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Affiliated Guest Researcher, Centre for Textile Research and Affiliated External Lecturer, SAXO Institute


2012-2013          University of Saarbrücken, Germany, Replacement of chair [Professor of Pre- and Protohistory]


2002-2012          University of Mainz, Germany, Akademischer Rat auf Zeit (2008–2012), Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (2002–2008)


2006                     University of Copenhagen, Denmark (October-December 2006), Guest Researcher, Centre for Textile Research


1998-2002         German Archaeological Institute, Athens, Greece,  Research Assistant



2012                     Habilitation at the University of Mainz, Germany: Studies on weight metrology and cultural contact in the third millennium BC


2002                     PhD submitted at the University of Heidelberg, Germany: Small finds from Tiryns: Objects of Terracotta, Stone, Bone, Glass and Faience mainly from the Late Bronze Age.


1996                     M.A. in Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Bristol, Great Britain: The External Relations of Prepalatial Crete with the Eastern Mediterranean: a Review of the Evidence


1991-1994          Undergraduate studies at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


Research Projects and international colloborations

2015-2020          Principal investigator, Weight and Value: Weight metrology and its economic and social impact on Bronze Age Europe, West and South Asia, ERC Consolidator Grant, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2013-2015          Co-investigator, First Textiles, Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in collaboration with Małgorzata Siennicka

2013-2016          Co-investigator, Between Knowledge and Innovation: The Unequal Armed Balance, TOPOI Research Project D-5-5, University of Berlin, Germany, in collaboration with Jochen Büttner, TOPOI, Berlin

2012‐2013         Co-investigator, Metrologia-Project: Measures Systems and the Foundations of Ancient Cultures: Diachronic and Diatopic Studies of Weight and Capacity Measures, in collaboration with Adelheid Otto, University of Munich, Germany and Gregory Chambon, Universities of Brest

2012-13               Co-investigator, Negotiating Change – Cultural and Social Transformations in the Late 2nd Millennium BCE East Mediterranean, German-Israeli Foundation in collaboration with Joseph Maran, University of Heidelberg, Germany and Aren Maeir, University of Haifa, Israel

2006                     Co-investigator, Tools and Textiles,in collaboration with Marie-Louise Nosch and Eva Andersson, Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Grants and Awards

2015                     European Research Council Consolidator Grant, Brussels, Belgium


2006-2007          Travel Grant, Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne, Germany


2005                     Special Award on the same terms as the Michael Ventris Memorial Award, Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, Great Britain

2004-2005          Habiliation Grant, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz, Germany


1997                     Travel Grant, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany



University of Copenhagen, Denmark(in English):

2015      Introduction to Greek Prehistory. Lecture and seminar.

2014      Introduction to Greek Prehistory. Lecture and seminar.


University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany(in German):

2013      Archaeology of the Anglo-Saxons. Lecture and seminar.

2013      Acquisition, Trade and Use of Amber from the Beginnings to End of 2nd mill. BC. Seminar.

2012      The Carpathian Basin from the Palaeolithic to the Magyars. Lecture and seminar.

2012      The Early Bronze Age in Central Europe. Lecture.

2012      Settlements of the Early Bronze Age in Central Europe. Seminar.


University of Mainz, Germany(in German):

2011      Theories and concepts in Pre- and Protohistory. Lecture.

2008-11 Archaeological Practice. Course.

2005-11 Introduction to Pre- and Protohistory. Course.

2009-11 Characteristic Artefacts of Pre- and Protohistory of Central Europe. Course.

2008-11 Sources for Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology. Course.

2010      The Archaeology of Sardinia in Later Prehistory. Seminar.

2009      Origin, Function and Decline of the State: Early Helladic and Mycenaean Greece. Seminar.

2008      The Corded Ware Phenomenon in Final Neolithic Central Europe. Seminar.

2007      Long-distance Contacts and Trade during the Bronze Age. Seminar.

2007      The Bell Beaker Phenomenon. Seminar.

2006      Dress, Textiles and the Production of Textiles during Prehistory. Seminar.

2006      Introduction to the Pre-and Protohistory of Hungary. Course and Excursion.

2005      Nationalism and Ethnicity in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology. Course.

2005      Emergence of Urban … III: the Roman and Medieval city in Western Central Europe. Seminar

2004      Emergence of Urban Settlement Structures from the Beginnings to the Middle Ages II: the City in Greece and the Hellenistic World, in Italy and Central Europe in the 1st millennium BC. Seminar.

2004      Emergence of Urban Settlement Structures from Beginnings to Middle Ages I: the city in Syro-Palestine, Cyprus and the Aegean until the 2nd millennium BC. Seminar.

2004      Introduction to the Pre-and Protohistory of Poland. Course and Excursion.

2004      Fundamental Texts on Theoretical Concepts in Archaeology. Course.

2003      Artefacts of the Aegean Bronze Age. Course.

2003      Preparation of the excursion to SW Germany, Alsace and North Switzerland. Seminar.

2002      Neolithic and Bronze Age Wetland dwellings around the Alps. Seminar.

2002      Methodology in preparation of an excavation: surveying a micro-region. Course.

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