Lene Sigsgaard

Lene Sigsgaard

Associate Professor

Ecological studies of predation in scales from individual to community aiming at developing sustainable production systems which promote natural regulation and apply use of biological control

 Biological control strategies in outdoor food production systems, especially by using macrobiologicals.

  •  Inundative, inoculative and conservation biological control
  • Plant-herbivore-predator interactions
  • Biology of beneficials with a focus on predators
  • Integration of functional biodiversity and conservation biological control with other management practice in temperate cropping systems
  • Biodiversity in and around the cultivated land as a source of functional biodiversity and  species diversity
  • Biological control integrated with other control methods and early warning systems (Integrated Pest Management)
  •  Biological and integrated control of arthropod pests in developing countries
  • Inundative, inoculative and conservation biological control
  • Integrated pest management


Course responsible for the courses:

Applied insect ecology and biological control (MSc) (Block 2)

Faunaens vilkår i kulturlandskabet (BSc) (Block 4)


Co-teacher in: Grundkursus i plantebeskyttelse (Block 4)

ID: 4225466