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Klas Abelson

Klas Abelson

Associate Professor

My main research focus area is pain and stress, and can be divided in two parts. One part is focused on improvement of animal welfare and refinement of animal models, mainly by development of biomarkers for the recognition and assessment of pain and stress in laboratory rats and mice, as well as development of improved methods for treatment against pain and stress in these species. Another part is focused on the development of novel animal models for pain research, in particular with focus on the role of the cholinergic receptor system in pain transmission.

Furthermore, I am in charge of a wide range of teaching and training activities in laboratory animal science and experimentation. I am thus involved in basic and continuing education of PhD-students, post-docs and other post-graduate academics; master students; technicians; animal caretakers; as well as animal caretaker trainees. 

ID: 21619963