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Kjetil Sandvik

Kjetil Sandvik

Associate Professor

Research focus on strategic cross media communication, new media and storytelling related to organization and network communication, political and public communication, marketing, journalism, science and cultural communication. Furthermore, research into ways in which social, mobile and networked media have impact on our lives and experiences of the world. Since my PHD project I have been working with the aesthetics and dramaturgy of computer games and other types of interactive fiction forms and their roleplay-oriented user modes characterized by participation and co-creation and their aesthetical and educational potentials. In recent years this research field has been expanded into various projects concerning a) participation-centered exhibition practices with focus on augmented and mixed realities and the interplay between physical and mediated spaces and materialities, b) studies and development of new practices concerning uses of digital media in children’s play, c) new methods for learning using blended learning formats and media-enrichened learning spaces, and d) the role of media in relation to death and dying and particularly concerning grief processes among bereaved parents.


Affiliations to research groups, centers, projects and networks

Research group: Digital Communication and Aesthetics, see website

Research group: Children, Media and Culture, see website

Research center: Center for Communication and Computing, see website  


Research projects:  

2016-2018: ”Learning Society”, funded by Nordic Council’s Horizontal program


2016-2018: “MakEy: Makerspaces in the early years: enhancing digital literacy and creativity”, funded by EU’s RISE program.

Primary fields of research

  • Computer games theory
  • Computer games analysis
  • Computer games dramaturgy
  • Digital aesthetics and communication
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Internet as storytelling device
  • Strategic cross-media communication
  • Storytelling/narrative theory
  • Branding
  • Web 2.0/social media
  • Role-play
  • Media, death and bereavement
  • Children and media

Current research

see above.

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