Kaushik Thanki

Kaushik Thanki


Professional Skills


Formulation Development: Expertise in rationalized design, development and optimization of various nanoformulations such as self assembled lipid nanoparticles, self nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems, polymeric nanoparticles, liposomes, drug nanocrystals, liquid crystalline nanoparticles and surface functionalized nanoparticles.

Industrial Experience of solid oral dosage forms such as immediate release, sustained release (successful product development for metoprolol, paracetamol, metformin, clarithromycin), syrups, bilayer tablets, MUPS, particle coating with special emphasis on taste masking (successfully taste masked various extremely bitter drugs such as azithromycin, clarithromycin, ofloxacin, cefuroxime axetil, cefpodoxime proxetil), functional coating of tablets for sustained release formulations. In addition, hands on experience in the field of scale-up, technology transfer and production planning & control.

Synthetic Chemistry: Chemical synthesis of pro-drugs such as lipid drug conjugates, PEGylation, ligand anchoring for targeting of nanoformulations. Spectroscopic and analytical evaluation of bio-conjugates. Special expertise in drug metabolism studies in various ex vivo physiological conditions such as plasma, serum, liver homogenates, tumor cells utilizing HPLC and LC-MS methods.

Cell Culture Experiments: Hands on experience on various cell culture experiments such as qualitative and quantitative cell uptake studies, intracellular trafficking studies, colocalization studies with special emphasis on Co-culture of macrophages, Caco-2 cell culture model, Skin irritation studies on human skin models (Skin Ethics, USA), and so on. Special expertise in sample preparation of biological samples for sophisticated techniques such as SEM, CLSM, TEM and AFM.

Animal Handling: In vivo pharmacokinetics by oral, intravenous route and dermal routes, In vivo pharmacodynamics in various disease models such as systemic fungal infection bearing balb-c mice model, DMBA induced breast cancer model, EAT xenograft mice localized cancer model, streptozotocin induced diabetes model, Imaging of live animals using Animal Photon Imager, tumor excision and biodistribution studies.  

Instruments handled

Nanotechnology: Rotary Evaporator (Buchi), High Pressure Homogenizer (Fluko), Lyophilizer (VirTis),  NanoDrop (Thermo), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM, Hitachi), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM, Veeco), Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM, Olympus), Raman Spectrometer (Invia, Renshaw), Zeta Sizer (Malvern), UltraCentrifuge (Sigma and Hitachi), Probe Sonicator (Misonix), Real time Animal Imager (Photon Imager, Biospace), Thermal ablation laser gun (SPI Pharma), Franz Diffusion cells (Perme Gear) and routine laboratory instruments.  

Solid Orals: Spray Drier (Labultima), Single Rotary and Double Rotary Compression Machine (Rimek, Karnavati Pvt. Ltd.), Coating Machine (Instacoat R & D, Ideal Cures Ltd.)

Analytical Chemistry: ELISA Plate Reader (BioTek), DSC (Mettler Toledo), HPLC (Agilent 1120 LC, Shimadzu, Waters), UV Visible Spectroscopy (Shimadzu), Flourimeter (Perkin Elmer), Circular Dichroism (Jasco), Newtronic Photostability Chamber (Newtronic Pvt. Ltd.), Rheometer (Brookfield), HPTLC (Camag).

Softwares handled

Proficient handling of various scientific software packages such as Marvin Beans, Chem Draw, TopSpin (NMR interpretation), Spectrum (IR Interpretations), Calcusyn 2.1, IBM SPSS, Sigma Plot, Design Expert, JMP and Graph Pad Prism for data processing and presentation. Exposure to various high profile computational software packages such as GastroPlus, Discovery Studio, Pymol, VMD. Expertise in computer skill for efficient usage of Microsoft office tools.

Literature search and scientific writing

Sound knowledge of filing proposals for research grants, patent applications and regulatory filings

Primary fields of research

Novel formulation strategy for efficient RNAi in treatment of COPD by pulmonary route of administration

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