Jytte Agergaard

Jytte Agergaard

Associate Professor

Research profile

My research focuses on human mobility and migration dynamics in relation to rural-urban transformations and urbanization. For this, I critically scrutinize the importance of internal migration, multi-local livelihood arrangements and political and governance related challenges related to mobile livelihoods, urbanization and urban growth. I have primarily studied these processes in the contexts of development and globalization in Asia and Africa. I started out my research in Nepal, where I have continued my research engagement, and I have subsequently conducted extended fieldwork in Vietnam, South Africa, and Tanzania, and less intensively in other Asian and African countries. My research cuts across the fields of social, economic and development geography and includes a number of more particular interests: e.g. formal education and how it impacts on geographical and social inequities and mobilities; gender and generational aspects of new household arrangements; mobile citizenship and governance; migration biographies in relation to migration pathways; and residential mobility and urbanization. Currently, I am developing research related to the implications of environmental change for mobility and urbanization.


Recent research projects 

Climate-induced migration and transformative adaptation in Africa (CLIMA Africa) – Seed money form the Danish Research Council for preparing a full H2020 application

Climate Change Resilience in Urban Mobility (CLIMACCESS) (2010-2022) (Funded by FFU/Danida) – Principal Investigator of WP A – ‘Urban Mobility Patterns’, studying Extreme weather-induced flooding vulnerabilities and community resilience practice in Accra, Ghana

Rural-Urban Transformation (RUT): Governance, Mobility and Economic dynamics in Emerging Urban Centres for Poverty Reduction (2014-19) (Funded by FFU/Danida) – Researcher

Building Stronger Universities Phase II, Kathmandu University (2014-16) (Funded by Danida) Danish WP leader for WP1, ‘Liveable Urban Futures’

Rural City Connections in Sub-Saharan Africa (RurbanAfrica) (2012-2016) EU funded FP7 project including nine other partners than UCPH from Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, Netherlands, France and UK) (Principal investigator)

Nepal on the Move: Conflict, migration and stability (2011-2016) (Funded by FFU/Danida Principal Investigator of the sub-projectMovers, stayers and mobile citizenship building up a New Nepal’



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