Jacob Graff Nielsen

Jacob Graff Nielsen


Education and academic background

2003: PhD in Tax Law, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen
1998: Master of Law (LL.M.), same
1994: Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) same

Present position at Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

2014-:        Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen
2011-:        Professor in Tax Law, same
2005-2011: Associate Professor in Tax Law, same
2001-2005: Assistant Professor in Tax Law, same
2001-2001: Research Assistant, same
1998-2001: PhD-Fellow, same

University management

Since 2006, I have been involved in university management; in 2006 I was appointed as Head of a Research Section III at the Faculty of Law, and in 2007 I was appointed as Director of PhD-Programme at the Faculty followed by an appointment in 2009 as Director of Research in which capacity I was head of personnel of the Faculty's research staff members except PhD Fellows. 1 April 2014, I was apponted as Dean of the Faculty of Law. As Dean, I am responsible for research, education and societal outreach at the Faculty of Law. I have extensive experience with research assessment, accreditation and education quality, development and implementation of strategy, leadership of personell and contributing to building construction processes and strategic budget planning. 

I am affiliated to the following research centre/research group:  

Honorary administrative and managerial appointments at University of Copenhagen:


2014-:              Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (from April 1st)
2014-:              Member of Management Team, same
2014-:              Member of the Central Cooperation Committee, same
2014-:              Member of the Senate, same
2014-:              Member of Southern Campus Management Group, same
2015-:              Chairman of the Board of Directors, Faculty of Law
2014-:              Chairman of Management Board, same
2014-:              Chairman of the Cooperation Committee (member since 2006), same
2016-:              Chairman of the Academic Committee, same
2014-:              Chairman of the Employer Panel, same
2014-:              Chairman of the Dean's Student Forum, same
2014-:              Member of Work Environment Committee (member since 2009), same

2009-2014:       Director of Research, Faculty of Law
2009-2014:       Chairman of Research Coordination Committee, same
2012-2015:       Member of JUR FORSK (Research Management Board), same
2007-2009:       Director of PhD-Programme, same
2008-2009:       Chairman of the PhD Committee, same
2007-2009:       Member of Copenhagen University's Research Education 
                         Committee, same
2010-2012:       Affiliated to the Academic Committee, same
2006-2009:       Elected member of Academic Committee, same
2006-2007:       Head of Research Section III, same
2006-2014:       Responsible for tax law related courses and probate law, same

Other external appointments etc:

2014-:              Chairman of the Henriette Melchior Foundation (not remunerated)
2015-:              Chairman of the Collegium Juris Foundation (not remunerated)
2016-:              Member of Board, Youth Resdence "Den Gamle Brugs" (not remunerated)
2014-:              Member of the Sonning Committee
2016-:              Member of Presidents Institut, Circle 11
2012-:              Peer review, several Danish law journals
2012:               Peer review, applications for research foundations in other EU member states 
2011-2014:      Member of Academic Committee (ACET), EATLP
2011-:              Member of Board of Representatives, Danish Tax Research Association
2012:                Member of Assessment Committee, associate professor/full professor                         
2009-2012:      Danish National Reporter, EATLP
2009-:              Member of EATLP (www.eatlp.org)    
2008-2012:      Member of International Research Assessment Panel, Reykjavik University
2008-2012:      Editor of Articles at Taxation Weekly
2007:               Member of Assessment Committee concerning Claus Hedegaard Eriksen's
                       PhD thesis on Taxation of Intellectual Property Assets
2007:              National reporter for IFA: International Conflicts concerning
                       Allocation of Income
2007-:             Member of Danish Tax Research Association
2007-:             Course responsible at Master of Tax, Metropol
2003-:             Editor of Journal of Tax Policy


Jacob Graff Nielsen has supervised former PhD student Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard concerning VAT/Income Tax Concepts. The disertation was sucessfully defended in 2016.

Currently, Jacob Graff Nielsen is supervising Assistant Professor Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard concerning a project about Combating Tax Avoidance and Protecting the Internal Market - EU VAT Grouping (COMBAT). The project is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research.

External funding 

2016: Superviser for a PostDoc-grant funded by the Danish Counsil for Independent Research.
2012: Supervisor for Industrial PhD-student, Danish Agency for Science,
         Technology and Innovation
2009: Mobility Scholarships for the Faculty of Law, 2009/2010,
         8.8 mills. DKK (1,17 mills. €), same
2000: Grant for research visit at University of Bergen, 40,000 DKK (5,000 €),
         Margot and Thorvald Dreyers Foundation


2010: Co-organizer of Tax Academy Conference: Corporate Taxation in Crisis?
2009: Co-organizer of Tax Academy Conference: Future Taxation

Potential Conflicts of Interest

Editor of Skattepolitisk Oversigt (Tax Policy Survey), Karnovgroup Publisher (remunerated)

Knowledge of languages

  • Danish
  • English
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • German (basic)
  • French (basic)


LL.M., LL.B., PhD

ID: 4232