Henrik Munch Roager

Henrik Munch Roager


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I study interactions between diet, the gut microbiome and metabolome in the context of health and nutrition. This includes studies investigating the effects of different dietary regimes (a New Nordic diet, a wholegrain diet, a low-gluten diet, and a Mediterranean diet) as well as dietary or xenobiotic components (gliadin, haptocorrin, antibiotics, pesticides) on the gut microbiome and metabolome.

Primary fields of research

My aim is to apply metabolomics in the field of human gut microbiota research to identify gut microbial metabolites and understand their importance in health and disease. 
Current research projects:
  • Interactions between diet and gut microbia and the potential of modulating these interactions for the prevention of metabolic dysfunction and cardiovascular complications in humans (DINAMIC)
  • Bifidobacteria and the development of the immune system early in life (Copenhagen Infant Gut)
  • Microbial tryptophan metabolites in health and disease
  • A personal microbiome-dependent glucose response (MIGLUCOSE)
  • Effects of moderate alcohol intake on the gut microbial composition and activity
  • Microbial enterotypes in personalized nutrition and obesity management

Previous research projects:

  • The effects of a low-gluten diet on healthy adults (3G center)
  • The effects of a wholegrain-rich diet on healthy adults (3G center)
  • Colonic transit time and the gut microbial composition, diversity and metabolism (3G center)
  • Neonatal Gut Community Pertubation by Antibiotics
  • Faecal transplantation of obesity-associated microbes
  • The effects of gluten (gliadin) on the gut microbiome and host physiology (3G center)
  • Effects of glyphosate on the gut microbial composition and metabolism

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