Francesco Savorani

Francesco Savorani

Visiting Researcher

Primary fields of research

  • NMR Metabolomics

  • Chemometrics applied to multivariate analytical data

  • Food authenticity assessment and biomarker discovery by means of NMR 

  • Food quality assessment and molecular profiling by means of NMR

  • Spreading Chemometrics


Course nameBSc/MSc/PhD, ECTSResponsible (Y/N)FromTo
Metabolomics summer schoolSummer schoolN2014-
Preprocessing of quantitative NMR data for Chemometric Analysis (NSCPHD1239)PhD, 3 ECTSY2012-
Quantitative Bio-spectroscopyMSc, 7,5 ECTSN2010-
Advanced ChemometricsMSc, 7,5 ECTSN2011-
Fundamentals of Beer Brewing and WinemakingMSc, 7,5 ECTSN20112011
Introduction to Nutritional MetabolomicsPhD, 3 ECTSN20112011
CSC: Copenhagen School of ChemometricsPhD, 12 ECTSN2013-
Quantitative Food SpectroscopyPhD, 3 ECTSN2012-

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