Erik Aksel Nielsen

Erik Aksel Nielsen

Professor emeritus

Education and employments

2013: Doctor of Divinity, Oslo University
2011: professor emeritus, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, UCPH
2005: professor of Danish literature, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, UCPH
1985: DPhil, University of Copenhagen (Ludvig Holberg's comedy)
1969-2005: employments at the Department of Nordic Philology, UCPH: associate professor, assistant professor, senior research fellow
1969: MA in Danish and German

Duties, prizes, grants

2013: Society for the noble and profitable sciences' prize (The Danish Academy)
2011: Ragna Sidén's and Vagn Clausen's Foundation
2009: Georg Brandes prize
2008: a month giving lectures in Argentina to Danish-speaking communities
1998-2001: research grant from the Carlsberg Foundation
1999: Einar Hansen’s Research Foundation
1997: visiting lecturer at the University of Nuuk
1993: The Holberg Medal
1985-2001: chairman of the Holberg Society
1988: Danish Library Association’s prize of honour
1986: visiting professor, Rome’s University
1983: Ellen and Hans Hermer’s Foundation’s prize
1972-1985: Member of the Liturgical Commission of the Danish Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs
1970-1976: Editor of the journal KRITK

Born in 1941

Knowledge of languages

English, German, Swedish, to a certain extent French, some Latin, Spanish and Italian

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