Emil Aarestrup

Emil Aarestrup

PhD fellow

My research interests have revolved around igneous geochemistry and petrology, especially basalt petrogenesis and the insight it provide into mantle source lithologies, with more recent endeavours touching upon cumulate processes and metamorphic petrology. I have conducted field work in Scania, southern Sweden, Iceland and south-west Greenland. 

The Scanian project investigating the petrogenesis of intraplate, rift-associated Mesozoic primitive basanites. This project involved analyses of primitive olivine cores analysed using electron microprobe (EMP) with a high-precision setup, as well as trace element modelling.

On Iceland, we collected a large database for the Katla volcano. I subsequently chose a subset of samples and analysed these for Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes, which was used in conjunction with bulk rock major- and trace element geochemistry to characterise the Katla mantle source.

I am currently working on Archean layered mafic-ultramafic complexes in SW Greenland. These projects will involve new EMP analyses, LA-ICPMS mineral analyses and bulk rock major- and trace element characterisation. The new data will allow a characterisation of igneous processes and the metamorphic history/overprint using geothermobarometry and pseudosections. The Re-Os system will be used to provide better time constraints on the intrusion of the complexes.

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